Package C: Course 3+Advance GP Flowers

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Package C: Course 3+Advance Gumpaste Flowers

In COURSE 3, you will develop new skills working with fondant and gum paste and apply them to create shapes, borders, flowers, and much more. From covering your cakes to cutting shapes and painting on fondant, you’ll learn all the essentials, and get to create flowers, like calla lilies, roses and carnations!

Advance Gumpaste Flowers- Introduction to Wired Gum Paste Flowers

If you’re seeking extra challenges after completing all 3 Wilton courses, this Advanced course will take your skills and techniques to a whole new level with the guidance of your skilled Wilton Method Instructor.

 You're learning

  • How to handle gum paste – a wonderful icing medium that is pliable and has an amazing structure that allows you, the decorator, to create beautiful blooms that can be shaped into bouquets and flower sprays that can grace the top of many celebration cakes.

  • How to color gum paste and proper storage

  • How to make beautiful and popular roses: buds, mid-blooms and full blooms

  • How to make classic hydrangeas and leaves

  • How to make Tropical Hibiscus flowers and leaves

  • How to dust your sugar flowers with edible color dusts, making them life-like


  • Package must complete in 3 months

  • Students are not allowed to rejoin any package once class has commenced.
  • All packages should be purchased before a class commences. 


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