Wilton Cupcake Bake & Decorating Technique #1 (10 & Up)

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This workshop is for adults and teens 10 years and up. 

In this program, you will learn how to bake the perfect vanilla cupcake and how to decorate cupcakes applying different technique with just three piping tips.

Your Wilton Method Certified Instructor (WMI) will help guide you each step of the way.

You will be inspired with new designs, applying the skills you heave learned!


Part 1 – Baking

  • You will learn how to bake perfect vanilla cupcakes

  • Understand the ingredients used and why

  • Oven Control

  • Choosing the right baking tools and bake ware

  • Cupcake history and liners


Part 2 – Buttercream & Piping

  • Preparing buttercream for piping

  • Understand the texture and choosing the right consistency

  • Coloring the buttercream and blending colours

  • How to use piping tips and how to maintain them

  • Learn multiple piping designs with the three tips


The whole program’s duration is 3 hours over two days.


Come and enjoy this fun-filled workshop!


Teens 10 years and up (student status) - $1,200 per person

Adults 18 years and up - $1,350 per person


A Wilton Certificate is awarded to a student who has completed this workshop.

The three piping tips and cupcakes are for you to take home!


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