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Edible Images Printing Service


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Add your very own custom-designed edible image!

We use high quality edible inks to print on edible sheets like Icing/frosting sheets, Wafer papers and Cocktail toppers. 

Apart from cakes, we also print edible images for Cupcake toppers, Birthday edible images, Graduation edible images, Wedding cake pictures and Company logos. 

Purchase your required size now & then email us with your picture. Acceptable File Types: JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF, TIF. 

Orders will be available for pick up once we call or email to advise they are ready. This is currently about 48 business hours after the purchase. Please note orders placed on Friday – Monday will generally be ready on Tuesday of the following week. When an earlier pick up is required, order(s) will incur a Rush Fee of $50.00 per order.

Additional Info, Care Instructions and Terms & Conditions

For the best results, we strongly suggest using high resolution images. It is important to note that the quality of the image will affect the quality of the print. As we use edible inks rather than photo ink, please be aware that colour variations (compared to what you may see on your screen or print) will occur. The prints may not produce the same bright colors as printing an image using photo inks and ordinary paper. 

White/light background works best. Images with dark background may have some faint dark line smudges on image. 

Color Matching DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of edible inks and icing sheets, exact color matches can not and will not be guaranteed. Same apply for lighting conditions since every monitor will render images differently.

Please be reminded that the color on the monitor is different from the finished product due to the different color properties.The color will refer to our company’s standard.

Borderless prints are not available!

Please remember: we will print as supplied. 

Microsoft Word and Office Files Disclosure: 

We will not accept these files since they are document files, not images. There is a slight chance that text fonts can change or image upload may not transfer correctly. 

This is due to non-compatible versions of Microsoft Word between your computer and ours. Try to save the file as a JPG/JPEG or PDF.


When ordering pre-cut circle edible image prints, please keep in mind that your picture should be able to fit properly within a circle shape to avoid cropping out faces or important background designs. 

Also note that our circle sheets are pre-cut and due to slight variances in production the final print may be slightly off center.

Rectangular images with a color background that has a wide view will need to be minimized by you within the circle shape to show the whole picture (unless specifically written to us that you don’t mind a portion being cut off to fit the entire circle).
Please note we offer one image per cupcake circle sheet. 

If ordering edible images for the first time, we suggest purchasing 2 copies just to be safe! If you are having trouble removing the image from the backing sheet, simply place the image back into the plastic pocket and place in the freezer for a few minutes. 

Edible images are very fragile. If cutting the sheet, it is always best to do so with the backing sheet still on or once on fondant with a very sharp knife. Water and moisture can easily effect the image, be sure to work on a clean, dry surface. Unfortunately we will not replace ripped or soiled images once removed from the packaging. When not in use, images must be kept in their plastic air tight pocket. They can last for up to 3 months if stored correctly. 

Please remember, you must have permission to utilize the images you would like printed, such as copyright images. Complete Deelite does not take liability for images that are printed without authorization.

We will not print inappropriate content.



NOTE: Unfortunately, we don’t offer photo editing service and/or additional graphics service for your images. Please remember: we will print as supplied. 

Please quote your Deelite Cake Decorators’ Club membership number when you order.

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